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With an extremely short deadline, Q3D were tasked with the job of processing, supplied CAD data from Red Bull Racing in order for Ted Kravitz to create a handful of video segments comparing the 2021 F1 car with the new 2022 contender, discussing the differences and what affect they will have on the cars performance and racing.  We processed the models via 3DS max, RizumUV and Substance Painter before importing into UE4, where we created the complex materials to allow for slicing the cars to compare them both alongside one another.  We adopted unreal's niagara particle affect for the airflow.  Sky Sports internal team then setup the Ncam technology to allow for Ted to walk alongside the CGI visuals.

Client: Sky Sports F1

Brief:   To prepare the supplied RB16 and RB18 car models for comparison via Ncam technology in the Sky F1 studios with Ted Kravitz

Skills:  UE4 + 3DS Max + Substance Painter + RizomUV

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